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the election that one of the campaign slogans for president obama was bin laden is dead and al qaeda is on the run. if you have all these requests for more security, could it be that this was all about an election? >> sure it was. it was all about an election. remember, when did it happen? it happened just a month before the election. once the administration had determined that ben lin laden w dead and al qaeda was on the run, they were not going to acknowledge even in their own heads that al qaeda still presented a threat. it wasn't just the black flags of al qaeda flying. it was the fact that there was a defense department report, a report from the defense department saying al qaeda is setting up a cell in benghazi. watch out. the repeated requests from the people in the embassy. we need more security. it fell on deaf and blind ears. >> so if it was about the election, now we're post-election. >> right. >> so why would the administration continue to allow al qaeda to become stronger in egypt, syria, iraq, afghanistan? i mean, it's one thing to be blinded before an election. >> righ
show? maybe because we haven't heard from him since the presidential election and maybe because hoe knows something about obama care from being from massachusetts. any other reasons? >> maybe because he's built businesses, corporations that hire tens of thousands of americans. but, you know, nancy passed the bill away from the fog of washington. pelosi doesn't take into account what's really going on around the country. she's going to go out and simply make the talking point. this is what the president wants her to do. this is what she's doing. so frankly just dismiss her. let's go back to what is happening just like the interview you just had. the interview you had was one on the numbers. when they talked about 5% of the population over 15 million people. if they are not served by obama care like promised, that's like 15 million people not served. >> let's go back to what romney said. was it too strong for him to say it's rotten, the rest of the three years of president obama? >> remains to be seen. i would say he's not been right about a lot of things. we'll leave it at that. the
to be seen if he is going to hope democrats in the midterm elections as well. you have promised to hold up the nomination of janet yellen as federal chair. >> it passed with all of the republicans of the house and 100 tomorrows. overwhelming bipartisan support. i think the american people want oversight of the federal reserve and it has been held hostage by harry reid now. i'm saying, i'll let you vote when you let the american people vote on transparency and auditting the fed. what are they keeping secret? >> well, quite a bit. all of monetary policy and all of quantitative easing. trillions of dollars changing hands. are people profiting from this? there is a revolving door from big money to the u.s. treasury back onto wall street back into the federal reserve and when they come out of government service one made over $100 million his first year out of government. you have to wonder does it have to do with what is open to the rest of us. i think there should. >> transparency with a capitol "t". >> thank you for your time today. >> right now we are waiting to talk health care. there is a
're all together, a big happy family, but not so. you have senator landrieu facing a tough re-election fight. she's actually proposing now that you should be able to keep your health plan, what the president said all along. you have senator joe manchin, democrat west virginia, also proposing legislation. so, is it really the case that the democrats are the one that are jumping ship, not so much the republicans who were already over the other place? >> i think the democrats who can read the writing on the wall, or certainly listen to their constituents and not just continue with the talking points of, you know, fix it, don't nix it, are the ones who are really aware of what's going on here. this idea of just blaming someone else is also prepostero preposterous, too. they're realizing they have to work together to do something. before they were saying we're not taking republican amendments, we're not going to count your votes or listen to you, but now that their ship is sinking, they want a life preserver and say, look, i want to help save this. there are things we could be doing to fix
. this is why we elect somebody to be president of the united states. this is why you are not and why chris is not. this is the most important job in the world and you are telling me that he should not know who we are spying on? >> should not know about benghazi and fast and furious should not know about obama care roll out? chris. >> it is comical, laughable. who is the real president. this is the president pardon me, the night of the benghazi raid decided to call it a night and go to bed. this is the president that decided to go up and play cards while the bin laten raid was going on. he is out of touch and surprised. he is sitting up there with a remote control shocked at what is on the news. the saudis are turning against us, we are run aring guns to ne mexico. >> you have to admit that the image that they would say we have to change something here, right? >> honestly if they here the attacks from my people on the right. but if they hear on the left then no. we did have access to phone records. did he specifically know about their cell phone? i do believe they were very, very special an
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5